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Trade-fair appearance of the company deset at VISCOM in Frankfurt

Viscom Fair

German deset - manufacturer and developer of High Definition LED Displays from Stuttgart - participated as an exhibitor in this year's VISCOM exhibition on 4th - 6th of November in Frankfurt.

On a 32 m² stand directly at the entrance of the Exhibition deset presented - next to 200 other exhibitors - their digital signage products and turned to new ways of marketing and public advertisement. Especially the presentation of the new project "LED NET" on two large pre- installed videowalls from deset's P- and I-Series and a recipient desk equipped with LED-technology made a great impression on the audience.

Deset target until 2014 to provide Germany comprehensive with high quality and efficient LED Video displays and establish an outdoor advertising network.

The idea is based on merging several of deset LED Display marketers and operators into one network. This will result in an outstanding and unmatched range of different marketing locations spread all over Germany.

The Exhibition was a great success for the company deset. Their project "LED NET" attracted much interest and 42 new customers could be found.

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Innovation Award-IT 2009

Early in March deset GmbH caused for attention when the conferment of Innovation Award-IT 2009 within the frame of CeBIT took place in Hannover.

Altogether more than 2000 companies put in an application in various categories.

In the category Green-IT the deset 16N LED video display was counted to one of the three best products, because of its energy efficiency which caught on the jury of 60 persons.

The Managing Director of deset, Daniel Frederick, commented on the product before the this year's trade-fair appearance in the following way: “Above all, the reduced purchase price and the low consumption costs create the possibility of an own LED video display for outdoor advertising, public viewing or as an information display for a wide range of completely new customer groups.”

Initiative Mittelstand - GREEN-IT INNOVATIONSPREIS_IT - 2009


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New Design of our Led video displays

Exhibition VISCOM in Düsseldorf

Development considerably reduces energy costs

At this year's exhibition VISCOM in Düsseldorf deset GmbH represented their new development in the range of LED display systems. The 16N LED video display is very energy-efficient and brings to the users a saving of energy costs up to 90 percent.

Besides there accrue more advantages from the less heat generation in the display, which brings in a strikingly increased life durability of the LEDs. Further maintenance intervals drop resulting from a gathering of dust and dirt, which collect at the cooling down aerators of the displays – because the 16N LED video display works without aerators.

The display has a very high luminosity and can even be used at direct isolation. “Our technological leading energy efficiency was heavy under discussion at VISCOM and a lot of customers and interested parties especially asked for the 16N LED video display” said Michael Aescht, sales representative of deset GmbH.(Stadionwelt, 15.10.2009)

Viscom 2009 in Düsseldorf!
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deset reveiced the price of innovation 2008 as well as the energy efficiency label for it's products.

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